In support of Melanoma awareness and the Douglas Wright Foundation Trust Child Care is participating in “Label for a Cause”.

The Douglas Wright Foundation is a charitable organization devoted to fighting Melanoma cancer in Canada. The incidence of this cancer has increased dramatically in Canada in recent years. It is the most common cancer among young adults. With this news in mind and the knowledge that this is a largely preventable cancer through sun protection. We are eager to help support the foundation.

So how can you help out?



Douglas Wright was an energetic and positive person. He personally touched the lives of several families within the Trust Child Care community through his friendship.

With early education we can make the application of sunscreen, such a simple task an automatic for our children. This is what motivated the production of a Melanoma prevention video called “New Family Rule”.


We encourage the Trust Child Care community to participate in Label for a Cause – COME ON, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO LABEL!

We hope that you share the “New Family Rule” and make applying sunscreen a rule for everyone in your house!