What did you do this past weekend? Did you climb to the top of the CN Tower?

Early Saturday morning, before the sun had even said hello, 9 amazing women from Trust Child Care courageously made their way down to the CN Tower and faced the world with a challenge ahead. Rising much earlier than anyone should ever have to on a Saturday morning, these woman came together with determination beating in their hearts, excitement pumping through their veins and maybe a little fear lurking in the back of their minds. Collectively raising close to $3000 for the World Wild Life Fund, these fantastic women proved to themselves (and the rest of the world) that they could climb up 1,776 stairs….144 flights…all the way to the top of the CN Tower. Once again, it’s been shown just how deep the sense of community, pride, strength and love runs through the Trust Child Care family. We are so incredibly proud of you ladies for your accomplishments. Some of you were convinced you couldn’t do it, and some of you had pretty big commitments scheduled for later today but still came out nonetheless for this event. Even though you may not have realized it, as you crossed that finish line, your faces were painted with an expression of what we already knew was in you all along…achievement and capability. Head cheerleader Sam Chezy is not ashamed to admit that along with her cheering and high fives as you reached the top, a tear (or two) of pure happiness escaped. There is no greater feeling than succeeding at what others (and sometimes yourself) say you cannot. A huge token of gratitude to friends, family and of course our students who sponsored the climb . As a badge of honour those of you that participated should feel free to wear your T Shirt on any day!


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