Allergies are always on my mind. With 10 children currently enrolled at Trust with anaphylaxis allergies it is clear that serious allergies are prevalent. We are fortunate that Adele does not have allergies but I do remember the anxiety I felt when we began introducing solids to her as a baby 4 years ago. I followed the guidelines rigidly, no eggs, fish, shellfish, nuts or dairy before 1. The message was that by doing this we would decrease the likelihood of allergies for Adele. This month we are back in the same place as we have begun introducing solids to our youngest, Calvin. It couldn’t have been more timely then that I read this article last week detailing new guidelines surrounding introducing solids to infants. By holding off on introducing certain foods to young children Doctors and researches are now saying we may have inadvertently compounded the problem and created an even larger population of allergic children. It’s an interesting read and a must for any parent of an infant child. The research makes sense to me as it is explained by the author but I must confess the Mommy side of my brain is terrified to do the opposite of what it has been told for years. I know that these new guidelines are not a “recipe” for success but neither were the old guidelines.  It seems clear that with what we know today introducing eggs, fish, shellfish, nuts and dairy to Calvin before the age of 1 could possibly decrease his chances of having a serious allergy. So get ready boyo – your plate is about to become a whole lot more diverse!

Have a great weekend!