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Trust Child Care Toronto Programs

The early years are a critical time as children begin to develop their identities as learners. The fast paced nature of society demands a life of learning, adaptability, and critical thinking skills. Children are naturally curious and extremely eager to learn. It is important that we foster their inquisitive nature, their desire to be risk takers and explore. By doing so we are laying the groundwork for a love of learning and providing them the tools they will need to be life long learners.


Childhood is about running, jumping, climbing and exploring and in the process learning the amazing capabilities of your body. It’s also a time of life where digging, splashing, throwing, and rolling around should be encouraged. With over 3,600 square feet of outdoor space, and indoor gross motor space as well, children at our centre have ample time and opportunity for the physical. Don’t be surprised when you see our teachers joining in on all the fun too!


Social skills are learned. We cannot expect our children to develop socially if we do not model appropriate social behaviours for them. Children learn through experience not by being told. To that end our teachers are social facilitators, providing their students with the skills they need to resolve social situations in a successful and appropriate manner. We stress clear, consistent rules with appropriate consequences which in turn creates a safe and predictable framework allowing children to take responsibility for their choices. Children learn to respect one another as they see the respect their teachers have for them.