Technology at Our Daycare

Secure Video Over the Internet

Daycare Video Over The InternetWe have partnered with Parent Care Network to provide video over the Internet to our daycare families. This technology functions as an extension of our open door policy. Our doors and our classrooms are always open to parents. The reality of your being able to take time away from your day on a regular basis, we realize is fairly slim. Parent Care Network has made it possible for you to check in throughout the day and have a bird’s eye view of your child’s day at our daycare centre. By using your private login information you are able to view your child at your computer.

Procare Security

Procare Daycare CheckinBy using Procare management software we are able to offer our daycare families a fast, secure and simple way of checking in and out of the daycare. Simply input your code upon arrival at the terminal and you are signed in to the daycare. At the end of the day, key in the same code and you are checked out. The system also allows us to send individual and whole group reminders to all our daycare parents. We can also provide individual codes for people you have approved to pick up your child from daycare ensuring an extremely high level of security at all times.

Tadpoles Daily Digital Reports

Tadpoles DaycareTrust Child Care is now working with a company called Tadpoles. Tadpoles is a fantastic system that allows teachers to eliminate the need for paper reporting in the daycare. Each daycare classroom is equipped with an iPad that allows the teachers to quickly update information about your child through the day. Daycare teachers can now add photos and even videos. These reports automatically get emailed to the daycare parents when the child is picked up at the end of the day.

Technology and Your Child

Smart Board Daycare TorontoChildren are growing up in a world where technology is commonplace. At Trust daycare we know that technology plays and will play an integral role in our children’s future education and lives. We aim to integrate technology into the daycare classroom where and when we see a curricular fit.