It’s only pens and pencils but clearly it means a great deal at Trust Child Care the best daycare in Toronto. Getting school supplies is a yearly tradition for so many families but for the families of the Falstaff community it is a stretch.  Here is a note we received from Domonique after the call to action went out.

Hello Colleen!

This has sincerely brought tears to my eyes. You have no idea how hard its been in getting school supplies for our youth. I am extremely grateful for all your help! Again thank you so very much to you and Trust Child Care for helping us out.

Domonique Morris

Founder of Perfect Keys Academy

Isn’t it surprising to hear that it has been a challenge for Domonique to meet her goal – gathering school supplies for 100 Junior Kindergarten – Grade 8 students?  Donations are being gathering in the lobby of  the Trust Child Care and the deadline for donations is August 18th. Start a new tradition in your family – make back to school shopping about giving as well.