Our Philosophy

The early years are a critical time with regards to the emergence and development of the individuality, character and learning style of young children. Providing a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for children to grow, explore and have fun is paramount to their global development. We know that all children are unique individuals with varying approaches to learning and perspectives towards life. With these differences in mind we see our job as educators as facilitators who program and plan accordingly to meet the needs of each of our young learners. When children have a sense of ownership over the course their learning they become lifelong learners. To this end we believe that an emergent curriculum that follows the interest of the children is the most powerful and engaging curriculum we can provide.

our daycare

As daycare parents and owners my husband and I approach all that we do at our centre through a unique lens. We live in the community and our daughter Adele is here every day, participating in the same program that will support your child as he or she grows and learns. As a career educator, having taught Grade One at Branksome Hall and Havergal College, it brings me such pleasure to once again be back at school. Our purpose as teachers is to facilitate learning through inquiry and play – supporting and guiding children as they develop socially, emotionally, cognitively, physically and creatively.

It is our desire that all of our families are not only confident in the care their child is receiving, but are proud as well, knowing they are part of a special place that puts kids and families first. We encourage you to tour our centre. You will see that we are a different type of child care centre, we are a centre of excellence.

If you have any questions we’d love to help, you are always welcome to speak with our Director or to either myself or my husband Jordan. Of course, when you come for your tour please make sure to say hello!


Colleen, Jordan and Adele McGoey