Tomorrow is the 2016 WWF CN Tower Climb and I am feeling just a little bit proud of our Trust Child Care Team. Okay, I am extremely proud of this wonderful team of women. A few months back we posted  blog asking to support 4 of our teachers on their quest. Fast forward several weeks and reporting to the CN Tower at 6am tomorrow morning will be a team of  9 Trust Child Care employees: Sam Chezy (preschool 1 Advising Partner), Aida Jamshidian (Preschool 1 Cooperating Partner) Amy Bailey (JK 2 Teacher), Meredith Newman (Director of Operations), Jennifer Munroe (Toddler 3 Advising Partner), Taylor Bare (Kitchen Coordinator), Sulika Ibrahim (JK 1 Teacher), Rachel Hocking (Toddler 2 Cooperating Partner), and Ashling Murphy (JK 1 Teacher). What started as one person’s personal goal has turned into a community endeavour complete with Trust Child Care Team shirts. Our teachers have been talking to their students about the CN Tower Climb turning their involvement in the event into a wonderful learning opportunity. We’ve been learning about endangered species, about every individuals power to make changes in the world, about physical fitness, and about setting a personal goal and following through on it. Children learn through example and what better example then to see your teacher climb to the top of the CN Tower to raise money for a wonderful cause. I know my own daughter is extremely proud of her teacher!
I am dissapointed I cannot join this wonderful group of ladies tomorrow. I am home today with a sick baby and it the arrival of my team shirt made my day. I know that they are going to not only have a great time but also come away with a great feeling of personal accomplishment. Sending everyone lots of leg strength for tomorrow, I know you can do it!!

It’s not too late to donate to the TCC Team!